That does it.

Sadly, my real angry face is much more subtle and therefore handsomely alluring. DON'T BE FOOLED!

Started August 1st, 2017. Finished August 2nd,̶ ̶2̶0̶1̶9̶ , 2017

Dear, All.

(By, "all," I mean me, my mother and hopefully Obama still.)

I have failed you. I have been failing you. This website is where I'm suppossedly to post as much of my content as I possibly can and instead I've been doing this ugly thing called enjoying life.

I've gone snow-skiing, I've eaten Korean Barbeque and you better slightly believe it when I say I've seen a man have sexual relations with a glazed donut. GLAZED.

Needless to say, It's about time I stepped off my high horse and get back to work. Hopefully, with all the content I'm to be pushing, although sporadic in spite of being plentiful, this specific post you see before you will never be seen!

May it be buried under the throes of my productivity! (Untill one of my exes brings it up, that is.) You know who you are.

Today's [yesterday's, tomorrow's, what have you] most prominent submission, because today was "so busy" suppossedly between graphic design, stand-up and talk-show planning, will simply be these malevolent mugs, inspired by my inner frustration for existing this log. (I believed in you, Y2K! I BELIEVED!)

Hopefully, in all seriousness, I can bring you serious content and bring myself peace of mind. For it is through the rupture of one's heart that he finds inspiration to plow through the dark——alone, mind you——in search of the retribution he couldn't've gotten alternatively, even if he tried.

And he did. He tried and tried.

But as joyful his escapism was, nothing would compare towards the honest humility he aspired for people to see through his written, seen and jump-out-and-SCREEEEEEAMIN' work.

Whether it's good or not? That's another story.

And I'll be happy to tell it.

Somewhat yours,

- Danny Archila

- Danny Archila