My notice to the change of seasons has changed drastically with each passing year. My movements still grow more sluggish with every day. My eyelids grow in weight, whereas my enthusiasm loses patience. I’m hungry, god dammit. Also, slightly agitated. There comes a time in every individual’s life where they realise a little more about themselves regarding a tad of class. When they do “riskily” mention a film under their breath? Don’t bother, Man. People know you’re there for the Avengers. You don’t have to say these things like they’re new. I certainly hope that it’s moments like these that make me feel as if I’m growing senile. Which is totally unneccessary as is. There’s enough idiots to go around. Like a merry “go drown, please!” Jeez! Lines taking so long make me weak to my knees. Because I want to sit eventually. All these Avenging Ho-Hums make me want to release a documentary on where “Sk8r Boi” singer Avril Lavinge has binged old ‘90s highlights of the X Games.