There’s something to be said about people who decide to drink coffee as a means of energy. When I see someone doing that, I see them being lazy. I see them giving up on themselves. I see bags under their eyes as they try to finish up what little work they really didn’t have to procrastinate. I also see bags of brown sugar being ripped mercilessly. I see the loss of innocence on a child’s face as she goes from completely despising the bitter pill to absolutely developing an addiction to it, between other such distractions like final exams and young men named “Harry.” I see a woman teaching a gentleman the basics of speaking English. I see him absorbing everything about her except everything she teaches him. I see someone’s dog waiting outside all lonely and such, just waiting for someone who mattters—preferably, someone who will let him free. I see my eyes doing a double-take as I nearly suppose that someone getting coffee near me looks exactly like someone that would never notice me, had I not pointed out similarly untied shoes. I see a barista never looking at me because unlike I, she’s got her priorities in line and has no time for fleeting romances caught by chance in some café. I see people mouthing words to each other as I favor synth-pop over small-talk. I see a nostalgic elder man, whose sidebars I hear on the way to the restroom leave, much to my dismay in favor of yet another millennial, whose anecdotes about politics in today’s world of online dating incomparable to the doting thoughts the former had on real-life politics. Of which I eventually tuned out of anyway because Danny’s gotta go potty. I see the Sun setting on another indoorsy day as I question why I even spend time in Coffee Beans and Starbucks in the first place. Who cares about a third location? People are dying and three-fourths of the world aren’t doing anything about it! Pumpkin Spice Latte my ass… How about ringing up an order of medics and lawyers? Have we no decency? But then I see something else. I see college students, struggling to pay off their debt, not giving a damn in the world as they rock out with a cup o’ Joe. I see first dates going surprisingly well, with not one glance at the phone. I see mothers and daughters having heart-to-heart talks about where they feel like they’re at in their favourite TV shows. I see patrons of any café—franchised or local-yokel—taking the initiative to throw away trash and recyclables alike properly, so as to better care for our Earth, the planet we live on. I see a slew of employees putting time in to the grinding of sustaining an able-bodied lifestyle, with a smile no less! I see a super good novel being lauded over by a group of friends whom lack a safe haven “chill” enough to house their book club’s insatiable delight when Ralph steps up to avenge Piggy. I see a potential philosopher changing from corner to corner of the establishment, brooding with goatee in hand. I see a Javascript guru and a marketing executive perpetually one-upping each other as a brilliant collision of the minds take place. I see fingers flying in a flurry because I can-to finish this blog post before the battery on my slightly weary MacBook dies. I see all of this because I accept that as open my mind is to witnessing the good and bad of every moment flickering by in my still-very-long life, I also see myself. being susceptible to closing it all off and tuning out from what could be a rewarding experience. Lesson learned? The lessons will never stop coming at you. Simply choose what is necessary towards your continued experience and you should be set. Looks like I should think better of people who decide to drink coffee. They easily could’ve decided not.