The moment I make a choice, I apologize for it. Why? Because I can’t handle the consequences. I cannot be brave enough. Not enough anyway to handle saying hello to people I have not talked to in forever and admit that I need them back in my life. The larger reason for such resistance is because I cannot. Maybe my resolution was to get lost in the space of my mind. Having good times alone. Cutting off into the ozone. Alone. Feeling the need from those I need not feel. Isn’t this pain? Certainly real? Desperate degenerates. Every floaty ‘cross my eyeball. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, why are my eyes small. Forget the concept. For every which wherewithall. I rhyme like a cool fool. Go chasing after substance but when it chases me it does not need to make too much sense. If it tried, it fails. Flails into oblivion. CrSh me into a pit. Why did we forsake all of them?