It’s been too long already. At this point, I am calmly infuriated. And it’s not of anyone’s fault in particular. Not entirely really. I just feel so upset that I consistently try to make these goals happea nd they just don’t. For God’s sake. My life isn’t where it needs to be. And someday it will be. But that needs to be when I can understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And to what capacity anyway? That’s also something that I concern myself with constantly. Furthermore am I making a good impact on the people closest to me? My family, my girlfriend, my coworkers? They all are deserving of my respect. Yet, time and time again, I just seemingly fail to deliver. Is this normal? Perhaps not. It makes me question the whole Id. of my existence. Does that bother you guys too? That’s assumming that anyone at all is at the other end of this. I have to fart my pants off. I worry if I’m not enough for anyone nowadays. How can I concentrate my efforts in a way that doesn’t seem totally bogus? I’m yet to be certain. I think I’ll stop here for now. But also, no..