Usually when I write titles of these things, I go about it with a sense of having learnt my lesson and an absence therefore of being ignorant. However, in light of recent events in both my professional and personal life, I come to the conclusion that I am still not done having repent from my mistakes. Hence? The present tense. To put it briefly without delving in too deep of detail, I skimped and limped behind on a deadline because physically speaking, there was no real way to put my quit in what little remained of the day (lest you operate by Hawaiian time.) But I love to live in California, where the earth quakes every time a new Kardashian gives birth. Seriously speaking, this equates to me having no real choice but to face facts. The best thing I can do I said situation, unbeknownst to all the folk who dare question me in having the foresight to stride past Ross in items that are bought from Ross. (Basically got this jacket for free, I believe.)