Quite often, I wonder what I would be like if it was I who I didn’t like… Y’know? Like there’s a whole construct of feelings I reserve for certain individuals I find her to believe but I believe them anyway! I’ve no choice but to trust them. It’s how much I trust them that may be concerning to them. There’s a whole thing about it and half the time, I’m not even totally wary. I just come off as an idiot and that’s it. Because I decided to believe in the fall guy/gal. Yet it does prove for me a solid lesson in learning my lessons. The essence of which falls in lines with my morals ever so lovingly. That is a known fact in fact and I state it like that to make sense of my ongoing present descent into what very well could be nonsense. There’s a fine line to cross in these periods and one would be wise to stick to their guns. (Of course, I do so without ever a need of heavy artillery.) That is what I have found.