As of this logging, I merely have the temporary capability to only write with my left hand. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it does make for a grand inconvenience. Being that I also have an affinity to scribe ambidextrously. I hope that doesn’t bother though incredibly. I suppose there’s a real danger to this happening way too often. But I can handle it on my own this time around. It might help if I use ice of some sorts. Or a brace. But really, it all boils down to being accountable for my own actions. ‘Tis natural, I believe. I have to give off some better understanding of others. I fear that the veneer will be lifted more immediately than I would prefer. Most of my conscious life, I’ve grappled with a sense of constant shame derived by a fundamental but ever-stain-and-disdaining question: Do I really even care? Maybe not as terribly much as I should? I wonder, seriously if I have any standing as a genuine person. It freaks me out. But I do think I care about people more than even they would think. There’s a certain skill I can maintain when it comes to expressing my methodical knack of smiling. But does it do anyone any good? Not totally certain. You must be quick on your toes for such social anxieties. Superb skills in smiling my ass ohh may have helped me before but in the future of a world that is beginning to counter the more-or-less wisecracking “mundo,” I begin to question whether friends and family value such skills in the grand realm of this all. Yikes, if that could ever be damaging. But being that the case I suppose that it really and honestly is up to me to wise up and be vigilant for any such signs of an irritable man not willing t take on the responsibilities of life as it approaches. Furthermore, I could better Benefit my fellow man and woman alike by simply, yet crudely, being at the forefront by mentioning how it is best to be more straightforward in dictating these things rather than hiding the truth for fear of being judged by the massive output, just waiting to strangle me I”m certain. What once held the utmost precedence in my heart may now lie barren and without anyone truly giving a damn because maybe not all circumstances like that are so important either. Wow, just saying, this is rather tough. It only appears as if I’ve still half a page to go even if I have been at it for some minutes now. But I will finish this tonight, I believe. My parents, assuming they raised me well, instilled in me the courage to never stop fighting no matter how unbearable the drive for such seems. And in that alone, maybe I do have some chance of being a one-of-a-kind guy. A real collector of items, per se. Whatever happened to being forward about how backwards you are? Is the quantity of egotism so great that we cannot possibly take on humility for a change? I prefer to distance myself from those who disregard a swell opportunity for bright minds and open hearts to truly shine on through thoroughly. I trust that in due time, my kindest friends will do the same. Or, I take that back. (Orally, as I still need the rejected fodder to fill my quota.) The most real of my friends can really know where I’m going with this, regardless of whether they agree or not. A sterile investigation of rationality may assist me better along with maybe muting my television set. If I take care more of my actual problems on the side, then perhaps I won’t drift and wander often during important discussions with real people that I do care about but can only maintain a span of attention on for so long. Although if I really was disinterested, then maybe what would be more likely to occur is the scant likelihood would be me immediately leaving without a further notice. Are there critical people out there! Yes, as there should be. But then, you have to rationalise that this all comes from a place of love. Love for real spirits. Individuals. Walks of life as a wholly empowering source of credibility. So on and so forth, amen to the infinity. I got to eat more food. I may leave the house. With a real smile and a real reaction towards everything that does matter so ding dang much.