I wonder often where I will go from here. From here to where for my darling career? Will I continue to pursue stand-up? Will writing become my forté? Are people actually excited whenever I draw? These answers and more are yet to be seen. But the question I’m more concerned about is this: how will my passion impact the world? And in return, how will their response affect me? Whenever I find time to figure out this correlation, I come back to understanding how I view myself. Currently. Not like “how am I important.” No. No one is important because everyone is equally susceptible. Rather, “how am I useful.” To elaborate, how are my creative—albeit, rambly—assets accessible by the companies I seek out. I know I am creative. No piece of paper is safe from my pen or crayons. I know I am social. Stand-up is a pleasure for me. I know I am organized… Somewhat. (I’m getting there.) So I feel really inclined to being positive. There’s more to this world than we figure but because we spend time waiting for what we should just be embracing, we hardly get to see more than what lies beyond our doorstep, or in my case, my bedroom’s doorstep. How else can we manage is beyond comprehension. Our species is interdependent on the most menial of importances. You think I’m not aware? I’m too aware. I’m only aware. I’ve only been aware for the last 24 years. It’s a struggle to swallow that ho-hum coexistence with billions of people any longer without searching for a release. Forgive me if that comes off as a jaundice response to the way things are. But maybe the reason that I haven’t “settled down” yet is majorly due to the ignorant attitude some folk have to the way of a bygone mentality that things will change if we change the world together. I partially disagree. Yes, we need reform on certain policies that are otherwise disastrous. But change from the inside out and that will be the type of accolade that one is worth touting on their resumé. The more roadblocks you run into on your way to success, the less sure of your success you feel is as necessary as the roadblocks. But the stronger ones push on anyway, because even if they have to take a terrible amount of pain, they know that there’s something worth reaching for in that silver lining. Exasperated? Yes. Stoppable? That’s a hard no. Good luck with that. My eyes are glued to something that will likely break, if not by accident or by the earthquakes, then definitely by the frustration bubbling up in me that I’m still only as big as I am right now. But maybe that’s a good thing. Perchance that gives me room for growth, reason for power and inspiration to find out what is the matter? Probably. I mean, that’s all I can do in such a spurt of time. I believe. Believe me. Why? I’m aiding myself but an ailing shelf, maligned out of time lest I collapse on myself. I am not so selfish. I am so confused. No, I am not. I am not confused. I am Danny Archila. Nice to meet you. Yes, I am properly equipped to handle your company’s needs. Yes, I am a man that an wear many hats. Yes, I do tend to bite off more than I can chew but if you’ve ever seen me eat, then you’d know I can handle my fill. There’s more than enough that needs to be done in this world and to say that “someone will get on that, eventually” is to say that you don’t care hard enough. And guess what? No one cares that you don’t. You aren’t important enough to stop the world in it’s tracks because it’s too busy to find somebody to fulfill their body of work to be done for the masses. Those who follow media. Those who create politics. And yes, even those who defy the gravity of depression. Do something before someone does it for you, because once they do, you can kiss your money, your possessions and your respect right out of the window. All things considered, that’s if your kiss is an explosive of sorts, bent on reconfiguring the very fabric of your personality.