The remedy for being alive is laughing till you feel like you are dying. That is the key to really finding a lack of doubt within the semblance of strength that is within your soul. No one should ever have to stray attention away from a comedy show. But as we all know, life will re settle in not long after the curtains draw to a close. For comedians, well, It’s even worse. Truth be told, when you are stuck in a room for several hours, and you don’t get to go up to work on some new material, try out roast jokes or even riff with the crowdwork and all, how does that match the miniature aggression of someone as they fall asleep. I didn’t fall asleep earlier today untill 6 am. Because if it wasn’t comedy, it was camaraderie. Well my hands are cleaned, huh? What I’m trying to say is that there’s always going to be a reason to cry, and there’ll be an accompaniment of that factoid with a grander rationale to giggle, chortler, snicker, chuckle, guffaw, rile, reel back in joy, LOL, or just laugh if that makes any sliver of sense. That isn’t meant to talk down to you by any means. But really take it from someone who has been the most happy person at times and the most sad person at others. It’s a common symptom of being alive on this Earth. If you don’t recognise that then you may have been living underneath the rock they call Earth. It would be a sin to assume that you could possibly handle the exterior oxygen in outer space. I figure that it would be a wild coincidence in whichever case, truly. I will say that laughter helps bring folks of all different folkloric structures come together. Whether you like it or not that type of common agreement that someone’s life is more difficult than you can ever understand. Or stand underneath of indefinitely solid hilarity ensuing from all sides of th conversation I suppose. How else are we supposed to get our daily fix? I heard a ghost talking to me just now and saying that you probably need to nut it or shut it. I am not sure of either outcome but I am tired beyond all heck and I sure as frijoles hope that doesn’t turn around What is the best way to find yourself laughing you might be asking yourself or more likely the computer screen being that it sounds really dumb when you try to converse with yourself? Just look back at life and ll the people on this rocky planet and understand its going to be gone someday. But there’s a distant cloud of hope that would really include everything you see plus everything you feel That is in turn very significant for the zeitgeist of culture clamoring to know the latest so they become the greatest at laughing in such a manner. That’s it, I am not writing right now anymore with my eyes closed, until I get to the bottom of this. I have a feeling, just a hunch, that maybe I’m going to take that counsel a little too seriously indeed. I have a very welcome affinity to disaster. Because if nothing else, you can diffuse the bomb with a light-hearted laugh that can be unforgettable to your body’s unique body gene make-up. That is integral to understanding the vast expanse of souls that get where the blood comes out of, where is the most likely distance barrier that causes me to separate at a healthy distance that does not offer too much cognitive dissonance either. Oh, jolly day! I was watching a comedian by the name of Anyi Malik performing on stage in Hollywood, California at the Next Stage Theatre. And he was just killing with material thought up of on the pinpoint match point of his skull How ingenious I tells ya, ingenious indeed. There’s nothing that offers a better source of intelligence than a sense of humor. I’m not saying that we all have to be comedy writers to make our firstborns laugh uncontrollably. But one of the common principals, of stand-up (relevance) is so revered in a way that maybe no one else will understand until you’re pit against so many performers in so many more people on the scene, watching to see you make a definite move. What is a wicked good time without some wicked rhymes?!