Sometime I strike out. When will I be real? I feel like the best thing that I can do is to be the honest person I am. And the honest person I am loves to talk. To discuss. To share and even to listen. In this world the way things are going, there's not a lot of talking going on. It actually is going on too strangely. Too loudly. It sounds more like a screaming fit than an actual conversation going on in the world and that is a strange pity but I figure there is a better way to communicate if we just all acknowledge how capable of wrong we can be. There's not much of an other way around it but we deal. We deal well because we are resilient human beings. This should not come off as news as humans have been capable of such prowess for ages beyond ages and anyone who doubts this so has yet to comprehend their own potential and therefore exhibit unhealthy portions of jealousy, rotting the skull and per chance the heart. But I digress. I feel like by the gift of gab God or whomever has bestowed upon me, that I have as much relevance as the next individual. And that feels very cool because I can maintain a sort of semblance when it comes to being a real person. That is what counts in the larger picture at hand I figure. And that is seriously inspiring to me in some otherworldly way. Hum. There's so many confusions nowadays that we have to deal with as rational human beings. I hope that the future brings me some solace in the instance of being a better communicator. That is really what counts in my mind. The possibility. What am I supposed to be writing here? Whatever I fear to mention by voice. Well that has to change. There should be some sort of synergy on both sides of the word spoken and the word written. It’s important to maintain that type of collaborative unification like there is no tomorrow. And I figure I there has to be some sort of agreement between the right and left brain if there is to be a lacking of fear. That is what I believe. If you cannot find it in yourself to agree, then I have no idea what you do in this world. But really there is no fear of the truth if indeed it is so easy to remember that it’s not worth fretting over. That’s what I believe and having a belief like that says a lot about people in the world. There’s no hiding that factoid. I often believe in knowing what you say makes sense to you. If you cannot handle that, then I know not what you belong in this world for. Believe you me, or rather believe me, you. But I have to say that having a belief system is not necessarily the same thing as to what I’m dictating here. Believe in what you say but don’t rely on beliefs to carry your conversation. What you talk of may be important. It might carry a heed of warning, congratulatory news or perhaps some sort of persuasion to drink the tap water. And the best thing about talking is that you can use it under any applicable situation. This applies to eating food, going to Church and driving with your feet. (That last one is only recommended if your feet have opposable thumbs. Already it’s taking me forever to talk about how easy it is to write this. It is never that easy. But then it is really a good choice to do this. Because then it is never an end to a means. Or a means to an end. Maybe that’s the opposite of what I mean. The point is that I’m writing what in a way you’re talking to yourself about in your head. Done-deal. That is how talking is walked about. There is a big way of talking your way to the best procession of words in the quickest way that ever came your way! Way out here, this is a better bitter way of getting quicker and sicker. That doesn’t make any sense but I’m trying to fill up a quota. And the way I spill my words out my brain and onto the canvas is how it matters to an acute manner verily. That is a bunch of squabble that you don’t need to acknowledge really if you can’t find it in yourself for a solid read/talk to yourself. I’m as disappointed as you are relieved that finally you are also nearly done. That is a super-deal. What a wonderful life you lead… Good for thou! Great for thou! Poor for me, see?