it’s a natural instinct to cut yourself some slack - but how much is needed to be cut when experienced are supposed to learn you something fierce. The lesson of forgiveness is a never-ending one. Preach the sow that you reap, good friend because the substance you can absorb from approaching your shortcomings is a powerful one indeed. You just have to trust yourself that even in weakness, you are strong. You are strong because you can detect the forms of weakness before being weaker. And that qualifies you as a solid opportunity for some growth beyond your understanding. It matters to the fullest. And how else can you progress if you do not fail. There’s a lesson to be learned in everything. Especially in failure. In that is a good chance of finding your stance. You have to find a solid stance before you do yourself a merry dance. How does success come to you? If you are merciful upon yourself. ‘Tis the way of a sage identity. You have to be kind to yourself every now and then. It gives you a line to bend towards your will. You are your own greatest critic, but in that you are also your own strongest asset. You know how to really grade yourself based on the results that you can provide yourself. Take me for example. My biggest fault is getting effortlessly distracted so often. It is my greatest weakness. But I view it as a rational reason that proves I cannot be sinister enough to cause any badness. Or if I am, that at least it wasn’t as bad as it could be. That’s a dangerous thing to mention. That humans, for all of our thought processes and physical limitations, are not even aware of how much ease there is to harness creation and therefore destruction. Benefits and consequences alike are just labels put on by whoever is affected by our actions, negative or positive. You haven’t seen the whole picture untill you look at it from a wider lens. And that is a skill that potentially may never truly be qualifiable or liable for our handling because who should really trust us anyway? It’s not safe to consider that as an option. But again, what is? Safe? Agreeable? Impactful? Odd? Unordinary? These are all just labels until we cross the moral threshold. It’s up to someone doing these things to be conscious of where the line is crossed for other folks and say “Hi, I am a wrongful being.” Accountability is everything and if you can’t be considerate enough to see that, the curve may as well be irrelevant. No one is advanced enough to see life as you do. Or even in some cases, antiquated. Irregular. Screwed up. You have to dictate a reality into… Reality that can appeal to the concentrations of people that matter most to you, should you wish to be accepted. It is a very strange world otherwise to let anticipation finish your sentences. There’s no disguising that and it will show up in your actions. Don’t think anyone is free of this. No one is. Judgement is a literal being that will show up on your front door step and knock until you oust your own worst fears. In which case, kudos to you for admission but also… Why are you who you are? What sort of messed up things happened in your infancy that collectively rolled into a snowball such as this? What more loose ends can we lose our good friends to? It must be halted before someone gets assaulted by the narcissism that there’s a better answer to all of this than excuses. Stretch your back into a pretzel sized lie and lay down your righteous self-aware sighs. There is a curve and then there is a stretch. If you believe in one, then you must believe in the other for there is no other excuse as to why they can’t exist. You have to take the good with the bad much like one forgives self for having consumed a kiwi fruit with the skin on. Of course, you make sure it is well-washed. But you do not tarnish yourself for that given reputation for it is of good measure that you decided to reverse the very logic of which most human beings hold true. What else can you do but realise that and therefore utilise this newfound thought towards your advantageous disposal? Isn’t that what grading on a curve is all about? Taking what you know, and acknowledging how you knew better?