No matter who you are, there’s always someone out there that has got your back. For better or worse too. Like, if you have friends, who’s to say that they aren’t actually using you? Likewise, who’s to say that your rivals aren’t actually your fondest admirers? In any case, keep those who notice you close to you. Because they won’t always be around to really make you feel a big boost of confidence. Admiration and even friendship to a certain point is fleeting. Hum. They would lift me up. What am I saying? They do lift me up. When you’re around people that you aspire to be like or aspire to work with, they will definitely tell you how to be your best self, even if it means highlighting your worst aspects about yourself. It is a matter of life and death when it comes to being a grand intelligence. Otherwise, we are left with our insipid selves to fend against the elements of the world without a wary consciousness that is worth much of anything. I recall that the least lonely aspects of my life were when I was amongst a group of people I care about and they just gave me a better reason to be by myself. As if I felt like I was cramping their style and therefore not making it worth my existence to be surrounding them with my pestilence. Of sorts. It’s kind of like saying that parable. You bury the mustard seed but maybe the mustard seed wants to stay in the ground. Maybe it likes it there and finds it convenient that burial from more of this breathing life is underneath the treading of individual who in retrospect will soon join it in some calming essence that you don’t have to prove yourself more for people that maybe don’t deserve that presence as much. It’s an opinion. You can take it or leave it but for me, friends mean a lot until they don’t mean to do anything at all. Then it’s up to you to decide how useful they can be and how useful you can be for them in turn. The point of being in someone’s company is to illustrate that if there is anything wrong with you, at least there’s something wrong with all of you at once. It’s like a group effort of pointing out how special we all are if it comes to the reality that there is plenty of blame to be shared amongst the whole of the folks there together at once. I’m pulling out everything that isn’t relevant and convincing myself it is. And my friends may band together with me because they may believe that my opinion is more righteous compared to that of my opponents. Most of whom do not warrant room to be talked of to a greater extent than just implying that they are out there. And while I acknowledge that, I sure as heck do not have to like that. I can be perfectly content that they are just folks who maybe were a little extreme. Being that they were in my endlessly vague context, it matters to me most that I retain a sense of confidence. It’s in your closest trustees that you must maintain a certain distance, lest they get too close to finding out other aspects of you that frankly require a certain period of understanding to really fulfill in the whole consumption. That’s perhaps a biased point of view but it’s a point of view nonetheless. That’s the other thing about having friends. You’ll want to do your part to ensure that your opinions are known and known as non-facts. They can change, as can your friends. And there’s no discrimination in having thoughts, so long as superimposition is very, very separate from that pursuance. Everything is to be taken with a grain of salt. But who’s to say that we’re any bigger than that grain of salt? Maybe we’re all just ants in this playing field and it actually requires all of our strength to carry that salt around with us, in total recognition of what that means for the future. That is what I believed. That is what I believe. That is what I’ll believe. That is what I’ll mean eventually but the time for that is not the time for now. Because the time for now is to enjoy the company of good comrades, while they are either comrades or good. Everything else falls into line, possibly by chance at different modes of time. And if that sounds okay to you, it feels heartwarming to me, in a third-degree burn type of manner. I don’t expect you.